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about us
About Us

Hi, my name is bob I have been putting up Christmas lights since I was about nine years old I used to love to put our Christmas tree up I would also decorate my house as well as helped decorate my grandparent's house. As time went on, I also did a couple of my grandparent's neighbors, and I would find odd jobs to raise money to buy more Christmas lights as the years went on the displays got bigger and bigger. Then In 2008, I switched over to lor with 560 channels than in 2015 changed to pixels. I love the way they look and all that you can do with them.

I have been buying my pixels from china since 2015 & have had excellent luck with them. I used them in my display. I also sold a few, so I decided to open my store so I can offer a superior product at a fair price to the lighting community. Hoping to gain the respect & the trust of everyone out there.



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